Satellite Broadband CommunicationsNorsat 8W Ku-Band Full/Standard 1081 XRTTFS Switchable - Satellite Broadband Communications

Norsat 8W Ku-Band Full/Standard 1081 XRTTFS Switchable

The Norsat 1081XRTS Selectable Ku-Band BUC is switchable between Standard (14.0 to 14.50 GHz) and Extended (13.75 to 14.50 GHz) Ku-Band. The 1081XRTS is fully contained including Universal Outdoor AC Power Supply, Universal BUC Support Brackets, 3m Cable and AC Power Supply cord connectors

SatBBC has only 2 units left, these are very Good 8W BUC’s made from one of the biggest names in the industry

all of our products come fully tested with a warranty provided so our consumers can feel safe and protected when working with us


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