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SatBBC is a leader of used and refurbished satellite communication equipment.

Satellite Broadband Communications, Inc – SatBBC offers many different types of services, such as:

Technology – Global connectivity using their inventory database management system (IDMS) when it comes to buying and selling new and used satellite Communication equipment.

Acquisition/Disposal – SatBBC Specialize in Acquisitions, of Earth Station Teleports, Data Centers and Asset Removal for Government, Commercial and Fortune 500 Companies, and the disposal of VSAT equipment.  Relating to Earth Station Satellite Communication equipment we are always striving in designing and developing the highest quality, used satellite communication equipment /turnkey systems for our clients.

Asset Recovery Consignment Plus Program – Where we can offer you the highest cash amount, there is no project to big or to small, where we can offer you the highest cash offer for your equipment that may be differcult to sell in your home based geography, we have over 15,000 contacts globally in major and emerging markets. The SatBBC ARCPP involves you shipping the equipment to our designated facility for inspection, refurbishment and possible upgrade for exposure to our worldwide Major Account customer base. Your asset may be obsolete and not returning value to you now, but we will relocate it for a fee of 30% of the final sale price.

Satellite Services – SatBBC is a full service satellite communications service provider for Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. We specialize in the system integration/earth station design and then the sale of either new or used satellite communication equipment to cover any of your needs.

Co-Location Services – We have plenty of rack space for equipment.

200FT Tower – Currently offering services In Ft Lauderdale which is currently being used from different cell phone companies, including Sirius Satellite Radio which receives the satellite Link and broadcasts out.

Satellite Engineering – We have a full time 24/7 RF Engineer who was in the Air Force and spent 12 years in the space communication program and when he left built and owned his own teleport, which then he sold. He has 39 years’ experience in installation, deinstalltion and service of antenna ranging in 3.8M – 18M in size, both domestic and international. We offer the highest quality of used and refurbished satellite equipment that has been fully tested with our RF Engineer, and we include a test data sheet and a standard 90 day warranty.